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Shadows on the Wall

In 2002 a 10 minute short was written originally titled Duality of Human Nature. This short was about a young psychologist who had suffered through many hardships in life and pursued things most often felt intangible to most men. Through this all he has been left at a very vulnerable state in his life and meets a patient at a time when his mind is at it's most malnourished state who is not only going to rethink his position in life, but change it and his perception of his world. Shadows on the Wall is a reference to Plato's book, the Republic. Plato philosophized about a society that only knew it's perception and reality, and that reality was a back wall in a cave. These people were chained down and could only view the back wall of the cave. People would enter the cave behind them, but could only ever see shadows cast on the wall in front of them caused by the lighting at the entrance to the cave, which was also behind them. In time, one got out, walked outside and could not cope with the 'real' world.

In 2003 Douglas J Struble started rewriting this short into a full blown motion picture film and after time a few associates jumped on board with this screen play. In 2004 the script was finished and production began. To say the least, it has been a race and a struggle to get everything in place. In 2005 editing and special effects commenced.

In Febuary of 2006 the final touches with the audio engineering, foley and sound track were completed.

Below you check out the limited run of the DVD box set, pictures and video clips in the "making-of"


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